Social Business By Design


Social Business By Design

Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe & Peter Kim @peterkim


Everything That Can Be Social, Will Be.

Although short, this was a useful outline of what it takes to become a social business. You can check out there book here for more info.

10 Fundamental Concepts to Achieve A Social Business

Social Design is needed because the days of accidental success are over.

  1. Anyone can participate - Example: Intuit – any employee is empowered to solve a customer problem. This capability moved them from #2 to #1 in their industry. When you limit participation, you limit results.
  2. Create shared value by default
  3. While participation is self organizing, the focus in on business outcomes
  4. Enlist a large enough community to derive the desired result
  5. Engage the right community for the business purpose - Example: Toyota tweeted press releases which was the wrong venue for reacting to a crisis
  6. Participation can take any direction, be prepared for it and take advantage of it
  7. Eliminate all potential barriers to participation. Ease of use is essential
  8. Listen and engage continuously to all relevant social business conversations
  9. The tone and language of social business is most effective when it’s casual and human
  10. The most effective social business activities are deeply integrated into the flow of work

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