Next up on #IMChat – Social influence measurement

Please join me, Zach N. Hofer-Shall, Sarah Glass, Suresh Susara and David Deal this Tuesday, May 17th at 2:00 eastern for the next #IMChat.  The topic will be social influence measurement.

Here is Zach’s post on the event.


  • #IMChat is a weekly online chat focused on Interactive Marketing topics
  • It’s every Tuesday at 2:00 eastern
  • To join, just go to Tweet Chat

We’ll be covering the following questions in the upcoming session.

  1. How do you define online “influence”?
  2. What metrics do you use to calculate an individual’s influence?
  3. What challenges do you face with social influence measurement?
  4. What are your uses of knowing an individual’s social influence?
  5. What’s next in social influence measurement?

Please follow Suresh Susarla’s ettiquette rules during the chat.

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