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If you somehow landed on this page and don’t know how, well, you’re on my site. The first origin of this site was created in 2001, before blog software existed. On this site are hundreds of posts about marketing, technology and social media – along with some personal musings and a smattering of mountain biking updates.

Primary content

The site is oriented to practitioners of Marketing Technology and Digital Marketers. The content is focused on:

– Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
– Content Marketing & CMS
– Social Media Marketing
– Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics
– Customer Experience & CRM

Interview format

One of the more popular content formats on the site are interviews. You simply answer a few questions about your area of specialty and we turn that into a blog post.

  1. Your bio, how would you like to be represented. Please include a professional headshot.
  2. Answers to the following questions:
    1. What three issues or trends face Marketing Technologists? (this is the key emphasis of the post)
    2. Other questions may be added as you’d like
    3. Where can Marketing Technologists go to learn more about _________? {a topic of your chosing}
  3. How would you wrap it up in one thought (make it tweetable)
  4. Where can people follow you?

To participate:

–> Use this form to participate. <–


If you indicate a preference I will share a preview PDF with you for review.  Posts go live Wednesdays and Sundays at 4:00 eastern. Posts are automatically shared using my personal accounts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I will continue to promote the post via Twitter. I’ll also share it to several LinkedIn groups including my “Chief Marketing Technologist Network“. Of course I encourage you to share the post liberally.


This blog post is distributed to other sites based on the site managers discretion including Business2Community and CustomerThink.

If you’d like to post your post to another site please include the following at the top of the page:

“This was originally published at Social Marketing Tech, a site for Marketing Technologists. Read more at”



Need to get a hold of me? Here is how to contact me or just drop me an email at: john[@]refford[dot]com.

Or if you just want to hit the trails, that’s cool too.