5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 12-10-11

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 – #16

Stories this week: klout topics, Facebook subscribe, top B2B tactics, gamification and killer content (is hard).

1.  Facebook to Launch Subscribe Button for Websites

[link] Facebook announced plans to extend “Subscribe” to websites allowing updates from websites to appear on Facebook.

My Take: Personally, I prefer to stick with RSS, but I think the “Facebook generation” will adopt this readily. If you’re selling to millinnials, look to implement this feature.

2. Klout Lets You Add Topics, and More Importantly Find Influencers

[link] Klout added sashes and the ability to add topics. But if you play with the interface a bit, you’ll also find you’re able to find the top influencers on any topic

My Take: Klout hasn’t provided free access to the top influencers. In fact, even now it takes a bit of doing to find topic influencers. If you’re a product manager and you haven’t figured this out, get started. Let me know if you need help.

3. B2B Marketers Struggle With Compelling Content

[link] Marketers are grappling with two challenges that go hand in hand: producing enough content, and having the budget to produce enough content.

My Take: Everyone says “Content is King” but it’s hard to be awesome.

Content Marketing Challenges

Content Marketing Challenges

4. B2B Gamification: Bold strategy in conservative industry increased website visits 108.5%

[link] UK financial service company experienced dramatic results by updating it’s website and using a game to promote it.

My Take: I love this case study. Not only for the step by step process but also because it shows that gamification can be applied to most any business.

5. Marketing Research Chart: Tried-and-true tactics rank high in B2B marketing budgets

[link] Marketing Sherpa surveyed 1,700 B2B marketers to see how they invested their marketing budget.

My Take: Looking at the chart, larger organizations use more traditional marketing tactics (trade shows, print advertising) than their smaller competitors who rely on newer marketing tactics (email marketing, PPC, social media)

B2B budget allocation

B2B budget allocation



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    i’m embarassed by my klout score anyway easy way to improve it ?

  1. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. Here it is, straight from the source: http://klout.com/corp/kscore

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